Wednesday, July 12th, 2017

My uncle gifted my boyfriend and I with a flight up with Leo in the gyrocopter. What an AWESOME surprise! We had so much fun learning how to fly the gyrocopter, admiring the Pahrump aerials, and watching the Big Horn Sheep up on the mountain. We both felt completely safe and truly enjoyed our flights. This is DEFINITELY an experience I would recommend to all my visiting friends and resident family! Thank you, Leo, for making this trip one to remember. We truly appreciate all your kindness!

Sara    August 3, 2020  

For a long time I had dreamed of flying. Fortunately I met Leo Fitzgerald, he's a CFI at Introflights. Leo is an excellent instructor, a skilled pilot, and awesome friend. I now have my license, a great trike, and can " fly like an eagle." I am grateful for all you have done to make my dream come true...

Thank you sincerely,
Jim Hynick 4/23/16

jim hynick    April 24, 2016  

I met Leo for the first time last Saturday at the Santa Paula Fly-In. Immediately after hearing my son and I were looking for information on trike flying, he spent the next 3 hours or more out of his time explaining/teaching us all about trikes. We were like sponges, taking it all in. We bonded immediately with Leo and feel very comfortable to make the drive to Las Vegas to receive our student training with him. I got to take an intro flight with him that same evening. I already consider Leo a brother and a friend.

Gary Wright    September 9, 2015  

I've been flying trikes for 11 years and have known Leo for 7 or 8. Leo is a Super nice guy . Very patient, competent, safe pilot/instructor. Leo will make your learning experience an absolute joy. I would recommend him without reservation. Dave Dixon

Dave Dixon    February 20, 2015  

I took lessons with Leo about 5 years ago, fantastic instructor and experience. I've been a sport pilot now for ~ four years and the experience just doesn't end. Leo is still there any time I call, and always eager to help me become a better pilot. My time with Leo has been an amazing long term investment, and created a life long friend.

Ken Nussear    January 13, 2015  

My wife and I ware at the Lake Havasu Balloon Festival. The trike guys had a booth there and I decided on a whim to give it a try. Leo, along with other pilots were at the airport over the weekend giving introductory rides. His wife Janice was on the ground helping people get sorted out.

I am a fixed wing pilot, but this was my first time on a trike. Leo, upon learning upon learning this, told me he was a fixed wing pilot as well and offered to demo the full capabilities of these light sport aircraft. The flight was a mind-blowing experience; he even allowed me to fly the aircraft! There are things you can do in this that are impossible with "regular" aircraft. The first thing I said once we got on the ground was "I gotta get me one of these!"

I would love the opportunity to fly them again. For all those fixed-wing pilots out there: don't knock it until you try it!

Thanks Leo and Janice!

Tom Newman    February 4, 2017  

The first time I met Leo was in September. There was a EAA meeting being held when Janice asked me if I'd want to go for a flight. Being me, I took the chance to fly! We climbed aboard and taxied out. Its an experience I'll never forget! All of these elements I'm used to in a plane were gone. Being exposed and feeling everything that's going on around is astonishing. I still remember it like it was yesterday, and I don't think I ever will forget it. The feeling that you're basically riding a motorcycle in the skies is amazing.

I got the chance to go up with Leo in October during the Young Eagles event in Pahrump once again. I think the chance to be in the air with such a skilled and confident pilot is something else. Once again I had the chance to be exposed to the elements! We got low and spotted horses. His confidence to fly that low and be so calm, while still having so much excitement is life changing. I makes me want to do what he does for a living. Having the chance to go up and just fly, makes me think about how great flying can be!

I hope to fly with Leo once again or start training with him in the near future to expand my devotion to the aviation community. Honestly the chance to be in the air and spread what aviation is all about is my ultimate goal! But it wouldn't have been possible without Leo and the EAA from bringing us together in the first place! Thanks a lot Leo!

Gaven Clark    October 12, 2015  

I have just come home from a fly-in down in Bonners Ferry where I met some of the most diverse personalities in aviation. One of the characters that stands out in my mind is a Certified Flight Instructor, Leo Fitzgerald.
If I had to sum up Leos personal and professional traits in just one word, it would have to be PASSIONATE.....the mans enthusiasm for sharing flight with people is nothing short amazing. I took some flight instruction from Leo and at no time during my lessons did I feel unsafe. He explains things in such a way that its very easy to understand the concepts of what he is teaching you. Leo, I love you man........keep up the fantastic work.
Rodger loves you too.

Dave Gibson.

Dave Gibson    August 3, 2015  

Took my first flight lesson today from Leo. I'm hooked. Thank you Leo for being so patient. You were born to be an instructor. Can't wait to take many more lessons from you soon.

William Glass    February 1, 2015  

WOW !!! What an awesome experience... Leo is such a fantastic instructor and a truly great friend. He has provided me with a wealth of knowledge, confidence and trust in my ability as well as my aircraft. He is not only teaching me to be a pilot; but a Safe and precision pilot. Leo has the ability instruct in such a manneer that you can learn, enjoy and accomplish your goals; he has a unique ability to show what to do as a pilot and as gives the reasons why. His inspirational methods, coaching and positive re-enforcement make him a pleasure to be with. Leo was kind enough to drive to Tuson AZ with my wife and I to take delivery of our trike, he inspected it and walked me through the process of buying an aircraft. THEN ... He flew me all the way back home in Vegas. On a personal note: Leo as a brother we Love you, and will be forever greatful for your friendship.

Harold    January 13, 2015  

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