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    Tuesday, March 29th, 2022



    Leo Barstow 2_sm
    Hi, My name is Leo Fitzgerald and I am an FAA Certified Flight Instructor (CFI) which means I can provide you with training/instruction, and endorsements required to… Read More
  • Introflights Friends and Collaborators

    Friday, January 6th, 2017

    Just a few of our flying friends and collaborators

    Paul Hamilton’s Sport Aviation Center – Flight instruction and Certification, Carson City NV

    AutoGyroUSA – the worldwide leader in gyroplane production


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  • Henry Trike Life Videos

    Monday, December 1st, 2014
  • Fantastic weekend at the Pahrump Balloon Festival

    Tuesday, April 1st, 2014

    We had a fantastic weekend at the Pahrump Balloon Festival. We had four trikes out over the weekend with Ken, Leo, Glen, and Rick up in the air. The balloon crowd was really receptive and happy to have us up . We got some nice photos of the event,…

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  • Pahrump Balloon Festival and Trike Fly in!

    Tuesday, February 18th, 2014

    We are hosting a gathering of trikes for the 1st annual<a href=”http://pahrumpchamber necesito receta para comprar viagra.com/pahrump-balloon-festival.html” target=”_blank”> Pahrump Balloon Festival.  All of our trike flying friends are invited out to spend a weekend of flying enjoying our gorgeous spring weather and taking in the breathtaking balloons. March…

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  • Flying Videos

    Tuesday, January 21st, 2014
  • News!

    Sunday, January 5th, 2014
  • What We fly

    Sunday, January 5th, 2014
    We fly Light Sport Gyroplanes, Trikes, AND Fixed Wing aircraft, all of which come in several makes and models. Some fly low and slow and others can achieve speeds of over 100 mph! Which is right for you? There is a different answer for almost every person, but…

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  • Instruction

    Monday, December 30th, 2013
    Our training system will get you through all phases of flying from learning about the aerodynamics of the airplane, to weather, flight rules, navigation, and prepare you for your Sport Pilot’s License.

    We begin first with the Introflight:

    This flight introduces you to the world of flying Light Sport Aircraft…

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  • Rick Deigsler Soloed

    Friday, December 13th, 2013

    Our student Rick Deigsler soloed on 12/13/2013. Rick soloed in just a couple of hours, which was a reflections of his extensive experience as a pilot. Rick has a new trike on the way to continue living the dream viagra de 100. Congratulations Rick!

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